Wavetube develops a unique patented concept for producing renewable energy from ocean waves. Our concept is all about maximizing survivability. The solution is based on simplicity, robustness and reliability. With extensive prototyping and experimental testing underway, Wavetube is gaining momentum in taking the wave energy concept to commercial viability. Our vision is to become the most reliable provider of ocean wave energy at a commercial price. Read more about our solution here.

Wavetube was founded in 2012 in collaboration with Encubator AB and Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. We are based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

”Wave energy has a significant potential to become an important renewable energy source. Wavetube can achieve a competitive production due to their innovative and robust solution. Experimental tests have proven the potential and further commercial and technical verification will strengthen the company and their future commercialisation opportunities.”
Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency
”There are yet no winners in the wave energy field. Wavetube has an outstanding
solution that we will keep an eye on.”
Innovationskontor Väst